Why should we use shock data logger?

Mobitron Crash SensorShock data loggers are used for better security of vehicles. These are instruments which autonomously record shocks or vibrations during a period of time. A Shock data logger can have also pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. The digital data of a shock data logger is normally in the form of acceleration and time. After recording the vibration data we can retrieve, view or evaluate it. In order to record the measurement of data ‘shock data loggers’ use usually non-volatile storage media. For example shock data loggers may use EEPROMs or hard disc drives. These storage devices help to keep the data safe in case of a power failure.

The demand of shock data loggers in transport application is growing. They become very important when the shipped materials are valuable and also subjected to the environment of vibration and shock. They are used in the following way.

A shock data logger is firmly attached to the shipping material or goods. Then they will be able to measure the shock acting upon the goods during transportation or in other environments where they are subjected to shocks. If the item is very large than more than one shock data logger can be used. Depending on the collected data by shock data loggers we can take measures as necessary. If we find that the goods were subjected to shocks or vibrations not more than the tolerance limit, we do not need to take extra care. But if the shipping material is subjected to shocks more than the tolerance limit we need to take extra care and take measures in order to minimize the shocks. If the consignee notices that the shipped material was subjected to shocks more than the tolerance limit he / she may reject the shipment.

Crash sensors such as Mobitron Crash Sensor can help to increase the security of vehicles. Observing the data obtained by Mobitron Crash Sensor you can check for abnormal events. In that way you can be more alert during driving and reduce the damage of your vehicle i.e., reduce the repairing costs. It is a data logger and has GSM/GPRS communication Cargolog® Vehicle Safety System. As a result knowing the damage time and GPS tracking you will be able to find the location where the damage occurred due to the shock and later take necessary action to reduce the amount of damage in future.